Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence has been at the heart of eProductivity Software product strategy for many years and it’s what we excel at. We have a proven portfolio of Business Intelligence solutions that improve communication and visibility of all areas of the business featuring:

  • Productivity workbench and widgets – real time actionable data presented in a highly customizable user interface.
  • Business Intelligence modules that evaluate all aspects of your business to offer critical insights that shape future growth.
  • Corrugator performance Insights that improve production repeatability, reduce quality and process waste and improve throughput.

Business Intelligence Solutions for the Corrugated Industry

Actionable Insights for Improved Business Agility

The eProductivity Software Corrugated Packaging Suite is an end-to-end business and production management portfolio of solutions built specifically for the Corrugated Industry. From Full Box Plants, Sheet Plants and Sheet Feeders our unique range of Corrugated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software and Corrugator Control Solution’s cater for all types of plant configurations helping your business adapt, change and grow for the future. Our scalable, open technology allows companies to enrich, expand and integrate their technology stack, ensuring a fully customizable solution.


Modular Business Intelligence solutions to focus key areas of your business


Powerful productivity solutions that empower your team


Drive profitable growth by leveraging the power of insights


Complete end-to-end business intelligence

How Can eProductivity Software Business Intelligence Solutions Help My Business?

The eProductivity Software Business Intelligence solutions offer full connectivity to all aspects of the Corrugated plant including Corrugator control, Manufacturing execution and full Business management overview. This enables businesses to develop a complete end –to end business insight solution tailored to their needs. For a detailed list of options or to learn more about how eProductivity Software solutions can work for your business contact our team and schedule a free consultation.

Escada Clarity®

Clarity incorporates data from all corrugator control systems, making it easier than ever to oversee the entire operation. Clarity allows you to perform efficient and rapid analysis. It is completely customizable, allowing you to manage your data according to your needs and schedule your data analysis with automated production of custom reports.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence delivers powerful business intelligence through an easy-to-use interface. Decision-makers gain deep visibility into operations and can easily identify trends as they begin to appear in the key areas of the plant. Management can proactively forecast the effects of changing variables, and implement changes that maintain high profitability for the operations.

Productivity Workbench

The Productivity Workbench provides one intuitive dashboard where users can view critical information, tasks and priorities. It is made up of a series of widgets which provide real-time information about business-critical tasks that empowers system users to work smarter not harder. Workbench delivers productivity enhancements and engagement across the plant that helps drive profitability.

Intelligent Insights at Your Fingertips

eProductivity Software Business Intelligence solutions are designed to offer a comprehensive plant wide view of the operation. Through tight integration and database connectivity we can turn critical data into actionable insights with a single click.

Learn more about eProductivity Software Business Intelligence Solutions.

You can learn more about eProductivity Software Business Intelligence solutions and how they can compliment your business by downloading some of the resources listed below or contacting a member of our team.

Integration Partners

eProductivity Software Business Intelligence solutions are compatible with many leading system, providers helping to deliver a complete end to end solution for your business. For a detailed list of options or to learn more about how our solutions can work for your business contact our team and schedule a free consultation.

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