PrintStream Fulfillment

Enterprise class inventory and warehouse management software for commercial printers, sign and display, mailing houses, and fulfillment centers.

Fulfillment and Warehouse Management Software


Dynamic scheduling views and real-time production, and schedule status at a glance with drag-and-drop schedule editing and conflict alerts.


Smart, automated production planning using the most cost-efficient job path and a highly visual workflow review.


A holistic “global” approach, rather than the traditional individual jobs or work centers.


Powerful what-if scenarios that let you evaluate the business impact of schedule changes.

What is PrintStream Fulfillment?

EFI PrintStream Fulfillment is an intelligent marketing collateral planning and distribution management system. The solution is both powerful and flexible with customization tools and web-based applications that allow your customers and your fulfillment team to work together seamlessly and efficiently. Whether you need just basic pick-and-pack fulfillment features or more complex print-on-demand workflows – PrintStream Fulfillment provides a suite of modules to meet your needs.

How does PrintStream Fulfillment work?

Pick-and-Pack Fulfillment

Manage customer owned or finished goods materials and the pick-and-pack process from beginning to end for single recipients or distribution lists. PrintStream Fulfillment manages all aspects of order taking and importing, processing, fulfillment, shipping, billing and notifications.

Print-On-Demand Fulfillment

With full support for manufactured and on-demand print items, as well as pre-printed inventory, PrintStream Fulfillment makes it simple to integrate the print estimating and job engineering steps to automatically generate production work orders.

Product Fulfillment

PrintStream Fulfillment supports non-print inventory items and materials with easy-to-manage configuration and inventory level control.

Kitting and Assembly

PrintStream Fulfillment’s comprehensive support for kitting includes everything from light assembly to complex kit builds, including variable products and data. PrintStream Fulfillment can track counts, weights, and values for individual items as well as resulting kits. PrintStream Fulfillment also tracks inventory and costs when returned kits require disassembly.

Point-of-Purchase Displays

Point-of-purchase fulfillment offers printers a lucrative value added opportunity by growing customer relationships with a one-stop print and distribute operation. PrintStream Fulfillment supports kits ordered by corporate satellites which can include everything from special-event collateral and signage to store branding and wall displays.

Return Processing

Often overlooked as a revenue stream, the ability to efficiently manage returns of items you’ve shipped (and even items you did not ship) can be an important part of your overall fulfillment strategy. PrintStream Fulfillment is designed to track the disposition of returns, to manage returns with and without an RMA, and to provide customers with a detailed report of return activities and costs.

Automated Fulfillment Events

Automated fulfillment events provide a powerful and flexible method for integrating fulfillment data and transactions with other applications or systems. Fulfillment events can automatically generate user defined emails, reports and file exports that reduce administrative effort, remove manual touchpoints, and reduce errors.


As a holistic end-to-end integrated solution, PrintStream Fulfillment provides full visibility enabling efficient, profitable management of warehouse and fulfillment operations. With integration to your MIS, ERP or storefront, PrintStream Fulfillment provides the tools to maximize your process and profit potential by incorporating your fulfillment and inventory processes into your manufacturing and accounting processes as one integrated workflow.

Who is PrintStream Fulfillment designed for?

Commercial Printers
Inventory & Warehouse Management
Display Graphics

To learn more about PrintStream, download the brochure and case study.

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