MarketDirect Cross Media

Intuitive, powerful multi-channel marketing and communication software solution designed for marketing agencies, commercial printers, corporate communication teams, customer loyalty, and fundraising applications.

Rich, Multi-Channel Marketing &
Communication Software


Storyboards for automated campaign creation, and intelligent themes to quickly build out and deploy campaigns


Responsive designs with cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility for web, email, and mobile


Image personalization for all media with simple drag-and-drop functionality, the ability to generate embedded QR codes, and more


Build out quick and powerful marketing campaigns with simple and intuitive tools that your teams can use from day one

What is MarketDirect Cross Media?

Your customers receive hundreds of messages everyday. How can you stand out in their inbox? You have to personalize. Today it’s more important than ever to use your customer data to communicate with your clients. Big businesses understand this, and use expensive and complex CRM solutions to manage the process, but how can you leverage the same technology without the expense and complexity? eProductivity Software MarketDirect Cross Media gives you the tools you need to drive personalized communications without the expertise and training that comes with Enterprise marketing solutions. 

MarketDirect Cross Media enables your communications and marketing teams to quickly set up and run complete omni-channel marketing programs incorporating print, email, HTML landing pages, mobile messaging and social media as well as track results and create automated responses. 

How does MarketDirect Cross Media work?

MarketDirect Cross Media provides templated-based marketing campaign management, enabling your team to build out integrated campaigns in minutes, without any need for programming, HTML or CSS experience. Whether you are sending traditional marketing messages, product updates, compliance or customer bulletins or any other communication message MarketDirect Cross Media can increase engagement.

Using MarketDirect, your team can connect your customer data to your communications, and personalize the content and conversations. Personalized content can include graphics, images, text, URLs and QR codes, all integrated to improve engagement and connect with your clients.

Campaign Wizard

With MarketDirect Cross Media’s unique campaign wizard you can build out complete campaigns quickly and easily. Simply answer a few questions, step by step in the guided process and MarketDirect Cross Media will create the framework and elements of the campaign for you. All you have to do is add your content.

Theme Driven Branding

With the theme manager, you can create a brand guideline template that can be easily applied to campaigns. This enables you to leverage campaign assets over and over again, saving time and resources. Your designers don’t have to be involved in every single campaign element, and you can get campaigns up and running quickly and easily with minimal training.


Understanding how multi-channel campaign elements and workflows will run is one of the more complex elements of the campaign design process. With the MarketDirect Cross Media Storyboard Editor you can quickly and easily visualize the entire campaign and all its elements. Providing direct access to each component, and an intuitive overview of the flow. The Storyboard Editor can be used to whiteboard ideas, pitch to customers and finally execute and build the campaign.

True Multi-Channel

With so many digital marketing platforms available today, what distinguishes eProductivity Software MarketDirect Cross Media is its tight integration and support for print, direct mail and postcard production. Using one platform you can design campaigns that integrate print, email, web, mobile and social media communications – simply.

Who is MarketDirect Cross Media designed for?

Marketing & Corporate Teams
Communication Teams
Commercial Printing
Ad Agencies

Always-On Cloud-Ready Services

As an eProductivity Software cloud-managed solution you won’t ever have to worry about MarketDirect server availability or uptime, you can focus on servicing your customers and your business. Our professional services team keeps your solution up to date and running smoothly, alerting you to potential threats and providing 24/7 monitoring.

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