Technique – MIS/ERP Solution

ePS Technique MIS/ERP solution is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of today’s enterprise publication print organizations, enabling them to respond to ever-changing market conditions and positioning them for future growth. With ePS Technique, your organization will benefit from improved:

  • Efficiency: Rely on built-in system intelligence to quickly produce estimates regardless of complexity and find the most cost-effective path through production.
  • Automation: Reduce manual touchpoints by automatically distributing job tickets and circulating status updates between relevant teams.
  • Flexibility: Automation and digitization in production workflows enables you to track capacity, bottlenecks, missing components, and the impact of schedule changes on job delivery.

Purpose-Built MIS Software for Publication Printing Industry


Rules-based system intelligence produces complex, multi-optional estimates in minutes, generating the most cost-effective production paths.


Automatically distribute relevant job tickets and circulate job status updates to closely track life cycle, waste, and paper rolls from inventory to press and back.

Technique Benefits

Leverage an ERP solution that delivers the flexibility and agility required to meet today’s business needs and position your organization for future growth.


Accelerate throughput by easily tracking space capacity, bottlenecks, missing components, and the impact of schedule changes.

Product Capabilities of Technique

By gaining visibility into every area of your enterprise and enhancing communication between everyone involved in every job, you gain the ability to implement confident, profit-building changes. Backed by decades of experience, ePS Technique ERP solution enables you to integrate the many components of your business and automate countless manual touchpoints to lower costs, remove inefficiencies, and focus on business growth.

How does Technique work?

Technique is specifically designed to increase your business’s profit potential by improving visibility, control, and automation where it matters most in your organization, such as:

  • Removing manual steps along your entire business and production workflow
  • Leveraging rules-based system intelligence to produce complex, multi-option estimates in minutes with automatic calculations for the most cost-effective production routes
  • Identifying spare capacity, bottlenecks, missing components, alternative resource options, and the impact of proposed schedule changes
  • Tracking and tracing every roll and pallet within the facility in real-time
  • Using historical quality management and inventory control data to increase negotiating power with suppliers
  • And more!

Who is Technique designed for?

Hard/Soft Cover & Print-on-Demand Books
High-Volume Commercial Products
Magazines, Periodicals, & Catalogs
Direct Mail

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