Intelligent Business Management Solutions for the Corrugated Industry

Our leading Corrugated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Solution offers business management solutions for the corrugated and display manufacturing industry and features:

  • Best in class estimating for everyday box, displays/sets based on standards or CAD drawings
  • Easily integrated to leading solutions such as Esko Web Center or import excel files from customers to manage bids faster
  • Innovative business intelligence solutions turn data into information and actionable insights
  • MarketDirect Pack Central delivers eCommerce and collaboration capability for supporting new business growth

Purpose-Built Corrugated ERP Software for Business Management

Plant-wide data & insights to empower your team

Bringing visibility to key decision makers in your business is the foundation on which our leading suite of corrugated enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business intelligence solutions have been built. Whether you are looking for an industry-focused ERP solution to manage and grow your business or plant-wide business intelligence to identify areas to improve, we have the tools and capabilities to empower your employees and connect all areas of your production plant. Our productivity workbench and business intelligence solutions work harmoniously with our ERP and all aspects of our suite to connect your management team and staff to key data and insights in real-time, allowing you to make faster, smarter decisions to improve profitability and efficiency.

Corrugated Business System (CBS)

The ePS Corrugated Business System (CBS) dynamically builds fast, product specifications for the entire manufacturing process with intelligent routing, order promising, cost estimating, materials management, and logistics management. With a powerful estimating module you can turn orders to cash faster than ever before.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Through an easy-to-use interface, decision-makers gain deep visibility into their business operations. They can more easily identify trends as they begin to appear, accurately forecast the effects of changing variables, and implement proactive measures to maximize profit and efficiency across the plant.

eCommerce & Customer Collaboration

MarketDirect PackCentral is a customer ordering portal designed specifically for the requirements of corrugators. Powerful tools simplify order procurement allowing you to automate and streamline order processing and eliminate costly errors. Offering stunning 3D Visualization, the ePS SmartBox Designer is a rich artwork design solution for packaging.

eCRM Customer Relationship Management

eCRM is a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management tool that will help manage all aspects of lead generation and sales opportunity pipeline. eCRM allows you to easily record email communication, ensuring your sales team stays in easy reach of your customers preventing missed opportunities.

Who are our Solutions Built for?

Our Business Management Solutions are designed to cover any configuration of corrugated production sites including sheet plants, box plants and sheet feeder plants. Our open technology and suite messaging bus eFlow allows integration to many other leading ERP and financial management solutions giving complete flexibility to our customers.

Sheet Plants
Box Plants
Sheet Feeder Plants

Learn More About ePS Business Management Solutions.

There are many happy customers whose businesses are excelling with ePS business management solutions. Check out some of these resources below to learn more about MarketDirect PackCentral or our powerful corrugated ERP and business intelligence solutions.

Integration Partners

Our Business Management software solutions offer full connectivity to many leading providers, allowing you to build a complete end-to-end solution for your business. For a detailed list of options or to learn more about how ePS solutions can work for your business contact our team and schedule a free consultation.

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