Corrugated Business System

Industry leading business management solution for the corrugated manufacturing and converting industry

Corrugated ERP Software Solution for Manufacturing & Converting

As part of the ePS Corrugated Packaging Suite or as a standalone solution, Corrugated Business System (CBS) integrates your manufacturing, business, and production processes seamlessly. Whether you are a sheet plant, box plant, or sheet feeder plant, CBS will significantly enhance the day-to-day management of your company by improving process visibility, communication, and performance through end-to-end workflows that are designed to optimize your most important resources. Intelligent task automation, enhanced collaboration, and reduction of manual touchpoints under a highly intuitive user interface will allow your business to reduce waste, grow revenue, and boost your bottom line providing a solid foundation for future growth with complete flexibility to empower your employees remotely or on-site.


Multi-component Estimating capability to meet any business need


Powerful productivity solutions to optimize your business


Automated workflows to improve efficiency and reduce manual errors


Complete end-to-end business integration

A Future-Proof Foundation for Business Growth

With core capabilities developed to service the demands and complexities of the corrugated industry you can dynamically build fast, accurate business and product specifications for the entire manufacturing and shipping process with intelligent routing, order promising, cost estimating, materials management, warehousing, shipping and tracking information.

Key Features of ePS Corrugated Business System

What Is CBS?

The ePS Corrugated ERP software solution is built specifically for the corrugated and display industry. Corrugated Business System (CBS) gives you the tools and capabilities to empower your team and connect all elements of your plant, operation and personnel together through an intuitive, visual, user interface coupled to a highly customizable productivity dashboard/workbench.

Who is CBS designed for?

Corrugated Manufacturing Plants
Corrugated Conversion Plants
Sheet Feeder Plants

Learn More About Corrugated Business System (CBS)

Learn how the ePS Corrugated Business System (CBS) gives you the tools and capabilities to empower your team, drive profitability, and future-proof your business.

Integration Partners

CBS offers full connectivity to many leading system, providers helping to deliver a complete end to end solution for your business. For a detailed list of options or to learn more about how ePS solutions can work for your business contact our team and schedule a free consultation.

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