End-to-End Corrugated Suite

Our Corrugated Suite offers end-to-end corrugated packaging solutions with highly flexible, modular software solutions that optimize corrugator efficiency and converting performance while reducing paper waste throughout the manufacturing process.

Our corrugated solutions allow you to sell more output using existing equipment by:

  • Optimizing corrugator line speed and quality with integrated closed-loop control systems
  • Gaining total visibility on roll-stock with innovative technology offering complete traceability
  • Maximizing productivity with minimal downtime through powerful corrugation and plant scheduling solutions
  • Winning more business with advanced estimating and job management with our Corrugated Business System (CBS)

Corrugated Packaging Solutions

Plant-Wide Productivity in the Corrugated & Display Industries

The Corrugated Suite is an end-to-end business and production management portfolio of solutions built specifically for the corrugated industry.

eProductivity Software corrugated packaging solutions - Corrugated Suite
CorrSuite workbench and widgets – user-specific dashboard to display key KPI’s and Metrics with integrated to-do & task lists and chat functionality.

From entire box plants to sheet plants to sheet feeder plants, our unique corrugated packaging solutions offerings spans corrugated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), corrugated manufacturing execution, and corrugator control solutions cater to all types of plant configurations, help build a resilient business foundation that can adapt and grow as business needs evolve. We can easily integrate your current technology stack with an expandable system design, ensuring a fully customizable solution.

Our leading Corrugated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Solution offers business management solutions for the corrugated and display manufacturing industry and features: 

  • Best-in-class estimating for everyday boxes, displays/sets based on standards or CAD drawings.
  • Easily integrated into leading solutions such as Esko WebCenter or import excel files from customers to manage bids faster.
  • Innovative business intelligence solutions turn data into information and actionable insights.
Business Management Solutions

Making your business more efficient is the DNA of our Corrugated Business System (CBS/ERP) solution. Best-in-class capabilities in estimating and quoting along with advanced CAD technologies integration make CBS the leading solution in the market for box and display plants. CBS works harmoniously with our innovative Business Intelligence solutions to turn data into real time, actionable insights.

Manufacturing Efficiency Solutions

Improving manufacturing efficiency for our customers has been at the heart of our product strategy for many years. Our leading portfolio of software covering paper management, corrugation, converting, and shipping optimization, has delivered compelling ROI for our customers by delivering significant OEE and plant efficiency improvements.

Corrugator Efficiency & Process Control Solutions

EProductivity Software Escada has a long-standing heritage in corrugator control system design. Our wet and dry end systems with integrated warp control, combined with a powerful business intelligence solution have a track record of improving corrugator throughput on any machine with repeatable quality improvements helping companies lower manufacturing costs and improve profits.

Paper & Logistics Management Solutions

eProductivity Software has a complete portfolio of paper and logistics management software solutions. From the paper mill to the shipping trailer, our comprehensive portfolio of paper and logistics management software solutions deliver end-to-end traceability through automated workflows ensuring full visibility throughout every step of the manufacturing process.

Learn More about our Corrugated Packaging Solutions.

Learn more about eProductivity Software Corrugated Software Solutions and how they can bring value to your business by empowering employees and exciting your customers with improved customer service.

Integration Partners

The eProductivity Software Corrugated Packaging suite, along with our eFlow middleware enterprise service bus offers open connectivity to many leading systems. With a library of drivers, we also offer direct connectivity (DMI) to machinery and hardware providers, helping to deliver a complete end-to-end solution for your business. For a detailed list of options or to learn more about how eProductivity Software solutions can work for your business contact our team and schedule a free consultation.

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