Enabling Software Technology for the Packaging Industry

The only purpose-built technology for the packaging industry, the eProductivity Packaging Manufacturing Software Suite offers best-in-class, out of the box solutions to transform your business into a resilient enterprise through:

  • Scenario-based quoting, intelligent scheduling, real-time shop floor data information, and powerful e-commerce tools.
  • Centralized industry standards and world-class modular business efficiency tools integrated with Radius, a purpose-built ERP for packaging industry,or any other general ERP systems.
  • Two decades of expertise in development, configuration, and deployment of multiple, multisite, multinational installations.

Purpose-Built Packaging Manufacturing Software

Connected Workflow Technology to Empower

The Packaging Manufacturing Software Suite is a purpose-built information flow ecosystem created to fulfill increasing consumer demands by unlocking your full potential, empowering your workforce, and exciting your customers. Business leaders in the producing labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging, extruded film, and other printed materials industry rely on eProductivity Software solutions to effectively manage their business and manufacturing operations.

The Packaging Suite offers your business a comprehensive portfolio of efficiency improving workflow solutions that are flexible enough to handle any type of packaging manufacturing process. From order acquisition through to shipping, the suite offers streamlined automation and business optimization that will transform how you interact with your customers, manage data, track jobs, ship products and make decisions helping you unlock your full revenue and profit potential.

Packaging Manufacturing Software Suite with ePS Packaging Suite
ERP/MIS System

Radius® is a future-proof packaging Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution specifically built for the folding carton, label, and flexible packaging industries. A complete end-to-end business management solution, Radius also integrates to a wide range of prepress and digital print workflow providers.


Drive capacity improvements through intelligent optimization and sequencing of jobs with eProductivity Software’s PrintFlow®. A rules-based scheduling solution, PrintFlow allows you to automatically update the schedule by evaluating the constraints of the production operation.


iQuote®, an intelligent, highly visual web-based estimating system, can help you quickly find the best path for estimating by automating the process of picking the best path for a job through your plant by determining the most cost-effective production route.

eCommerce & Collaboration

MarketDirect PackCentral is an online customer ordering portal designed specifically for the requirements of tag & label and folding carton producers. Build and visualize products with powerful 3D tools and connect to eProductivity Software’s leading packaging ERP software to provide seamless order-to-production automation.

Shop Floor Data Collection

Auto-Count® is a shop-floor production intelligence platform that allows accurate, up-to-the-minute production data collection directly from your equipment. Powerful traceability with minimal or no overhead allows quick and easy generation of a variety of compliance reports.

Business Intelligence

Decision-makers gain deep visibility via an intuitive interface into their business operations while easily identifying trends as they begin to appear. Accurately forecast the effects of changing variables, implement proactive measures to maximize profit and efficiency, and identify your greatest opportunities across your business.

Planning & Imposition

Metrix® brings a unique blend of automation and cost-driven layout optimization to your business. Quickly create step and repeat impositions of single or multiple jobs, allowing you to dramatically reduce planning time, print changes, and prepress costs.

Digital Printing

Enable digital trafully integrated JDF workflow. Our end-to-end solution connects to EFI Fiery®, and other leading 3rd-party digital front ends, giving our customers a customizable ‘lights out’ solution.

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The eProductivity Software end-to-end Packaging Software Suite offers packaging converters across the globe future-ready technology that enables them to reduce cost of sales, increase margins, and drive revenue. Learn how in our features overview.

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