Paper & Logistics Management

The eProductivity Suite’s innovative roll stock and logistics management software solution’s enable businesses to implement a highly optimized supply chain solution with complete traceability and accuracy. Key features of the solution include:

  • Roll Stock management with wet end consumption and RFID tracking capability
  • Trailer and capacity planning to ensure fast efficient shipping and delivery
  • Advanced supply chain visibility to ensure an efficient and optimized cash flow

Roll Stock & Supply Chain Management Solutions

Plant-Wide Traceability & Logistics Management for Roll Stock & Inventory

With eProductivity Software roll stock and supply chain management software solutions, companies are able to fully utilize the management and traceability of paper throughout the entire process – from the raw material at the mill to finished goods in the warehouse. Our portfolio of software solutions completely manages the transactional element of getting paper from the mill to the corrugator, tracking movement of individual rolls through the manufacturing and converting processes, with full visibility. We have a range of technology available for roll stock management including direct integration to wet end consumption, RFID tracking for the warehouse and clamp truck interface and even a powerful cubing algorithm that enables warehouse operatives to proactively plan transport. eProductivity Software’s paper & logistics management solutions complement our powerful ecosystem for the corrugated industry and delivers significant benefits to businesses.

Shipment Planning

Our innovative trailer planning module specifies loading times,locations, sequences, quantities, and the specific locations of orders within each trailer and leverages a powerful cubing algorithm to determine optimum use of available trailers/containers. Many customers enjoy big reductions in transport costs and carbon footprint helping deliver goods more sustainably.

eProductivity Software CorrChain®

Available as part of the complete eProductivity Software Suite of Manufacturing Solutions, or as a standalone product, the CorrChain® Supply Chain Execution (SCE) module enables packaging and corrugated manufacturers to better manage the flow of materials and information across the supply chains. CorrChain will allow you to manage supplier and customer relationships, optimize inventory, and improve growth and profitability.

Roll Stock Management

The eProductivity Software Roll Stock Management Solutions offer effective paper management tailored to any business need. Our solutions use RFID or barcode technology to help reduce paper stock levels by enabling the use of part-rolls with full integration to inventory and supply chain management systems. These unique features ensure that whichever solution is chosen, we can support a rapid return on investment.

Roll Stock Analysis

eProductivity Software Roll Stock Analysis will guarantee significant cost savings and improvements to paper utilization for your business. Using our expertise, we evaluate the previous year’s production and ‘re-plan it’, identifying the most optimum way to produce your orders with the fewest number of paper grades and changes on the corrugator.

Learn more about the eProductivity Software range of Logistics & Paper Management Solutions

Learn more about the eProductivity Software range of Paper & Logistics management solutions and how we can help optimize the management of paper in your business.

Integration Partners

The eProductivity Software Roll stock management and supply chain solutions offer open connectivity to many leading system, machinery and hardware providers helping to deliver a complete end to end solution for your business. For a detailed list of options or to learn more about how eProductivity Software solutions can work for your business contact our team and schedule a free consultation.

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