Dynamic Scheduling Software for Packaging – PrintFlow®

A dynamic Scheduling Software and resource optimization solution, eProductivity Software PrintFlow® increases visibility to help you shift from reactive to proactive production management and handle more jobs with your existing equipment. When combined with real-time shop floor data collection solution, you will benefit from a true “closed loop” system. As one of ePS’ industry-enabling applications, PrintFlow can help you:

  • Automatically create optimal production sequences for every job, task, and employee to maximize capacity and throughput based on available resources
  • Empower schedulers to manage exceptions and downtime by modeling “what-if” scenarios that can identify and minimize potential impacts to production
  • Identify and reduce costly inefficiencies through real-time schedule and job status updates

Production Scheduling Optimization for Packaging Industry


Dynamic scheduling that displays real-time status of jobs and updates automatically based on new jobs arriving or production changes with powerful drag-and-drop scheduler overrides and conflict alerts


Smart, automated production planning using the best manufacturing path to increase production efficiency and capacity and improve on-time delivery


Using a holistic “global” optimization approach rather than the traditional machine, department, or work center view, PrintFlow understands constraints and optimizes production to meet your business needs across the organization


Leverage simple, powerful, and holistic production-based Gantt chart dependency views and machine, department, and shift views, plus “what-if” scenarios that let you evaluate the business impact of proposed schedule changes

What is PrintFlow?

eProductivity Software PrintFlow is a dynamic scheduling software developed under the umbrella of the Theory of Global Optimization (TGO). The theory recognizes printing and packaging as unique manufacturing processes consisting of a series of interdependent links where only a few constraints control the availability, capacity, throughput, and on-time delivery of the entire operation. By identifying and removing or controlling these constraints, you can increase throughput and maximize profits.

Leveraging smart software and using complex algorithms PrintFlow allows you to dynamically synchronize and analyze every step of the manufacturing process. By intelligently optimizing job sequencing and synchronizing production as it considers the thousands of constraints that affect every step of every job, PrintFlow’s holistic, rules-based approach to scheduling allows you to handle more work in the most profitable way possible.

PrintFlow scheduling software capabilities provides real-time visibility into your organization, allowing you to schedule locally at a plant or across multiple sites at the plant, department, or team level for a complete enterprise view. It can also automatically feed the most critical business tasks to Auto-Count 4D (AC4D) and be fed live DMI data for an unprecedented and unparalleled level of accuracy, efficiency, and synchronization within your production operations. 

scheduling software PrintFlow

What are PrintFlow’s Scheduling Software product capabilities?

PrintFlow empowers your business through communication and awareness with live, company-wide visibility.  It removes the constant guesswork and manual juggling of scheduling variables–empowering the scheduler to have greater impact in a more strategic role, while reducing managers’ involvement in due-date management.  PrintFlow further promotes lean, efficient practices in every area of production and optimizes the use of employees, equipment, switchover operations, and setup time.  Lastly, it allows you to handle more work and keep more money from every job.

How does PrintFlow work?

Advanced integration with your eProductivity Software Management Information System (MIS)/Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software helps improve your entire workflow. Share job specifications and job status and attack the inefficiencies that undermine your investment in people and equipment. PrintFlow’s automated, integrated approach eliminates the need for re-keying and delivers more accurate data in real time.

Reduced time spent on internal communications by over 50%

Who is PrintFlow designed for?

Direct Mail
Commercial Printing
Packaging Printing
Publication Printing
Display Graphics

To learn more about eProductivity Software PrintFlow, check out the brochure.

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