Intelligent Estimating with iQuote®

iQuote® is an intelligent planning, quoting and estimating software solution that enables businesses to deliver faster, more accurate, and more consistent quotes. Built specifically for the packaging industry, iQuote enables you to benefit from a highly intuitive, and visual approach to job estimating and planning. iQuote can help you:

  • Reduce manual user errors and improve estimators’ accuracy to increase your estimate-to-win ratio.
  • Integrate existing knowledge, standards, and best practices to enable a consistent user experience and seamlessly incorporate new products and services.
  • Convert inefficient analog processes into digital workflows and discover cost-saving production efficiencies.

Estimating Software for Packaging Industry


An intuitive, easy-to-learn, mobile-friendly, and browser-based interface with dynamic screens that require only the information needed for the products you need to produce


Smart, automated production planning using the most cost-efficient job path and a highly visual workflow review with comprehensive step-by-step details


Printing process functionality and flexibility matches your equipment and processes with fast, accurate, and consistent estimates regardless of the user’s experience level


Respond quickly and accurately to requests for quotes, process more estimates in less time, and increase your throughput

iQuote Benefits

eProductivity Software iQuote is intelligent quoting and estimating software that allows users to specify the final product they need and automatically generate the most cost-effective production path for each item and quantity required. iQuote quickly determines the optimal path to profitability from thousands of possible combinations of substrates, layouts, machines, and processes.

eProductivity Software iQuote captures your best practices, giving each estimator the ability to perform at the highest level, regardless of experience. The quoting and estimating software protects the equity you have in your most experienced people, while also enforcing the business rules you’ve developed to make your estimates accurate, consistent, and profitable. iQuote engineers the job through an easy-to-read workflow diagram of each production step, which includes the required materials, equipment, time, and cost. With this approach, everyone understands the job better and you get the best engineering plan with the lowest cost and the highest return possible.

iQuote, quoting and estimating software for packaging industry.

Quoting and estimating software capabilities

iQuote is a quoting and estimating software for the packaging industry.

iQuote improves job planning, estimating, and quoting. It increases the profitability of each estimate with an automated process that dynamically engineers every job’s most cost-effective production path through your operations. It captures your best practices and business rules and centralizes your estimating processes into a smart estimating system.

iQuote’s detailed and centralized visualization of the entire job plan helps estimators, planners, sales teams, and production staff understand each job better–from one site to many, on-premises and/or in the cloud, or which MIS/ERP is in place.

Who is iQuote designed for?

Commercial Printing
Direct Mail

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