Radius® – Packaging Software ERP

Radius® is the most advanced, highly sophisticated, purpose-built ERP software for packaging. Created by converters for converters for the folding carton, labels, and flexible packaging industries, Radius provides:

  • Out of the box business efficiency solution providing estimating, scheduling, inventory management and planning, and shop-floor information collection
  • Predefined libraries of packaging industry standards for faster deployment and trackability

The Most Advanced, Highly Sophisticated, Purpose-Built ERP Software for Packaging Industry


Radius, the packaging ERP solution, is designed for labels, flexible packaging, folding carton, or integrated packaging solution providers


Powerful productivity functions that drastically improve capacity utilization and inventory management


Automated workflows to reduce lead times, improve efficiency and minimize the probability of manual errors


Radius, the scalable ERP/MIS platform for the packaging industry created for any business size, whether a single or multi-plant business

Radius Product Capabilities

Product-Specific Estimating

Radius®ERP estimating is a powerful tool for accurate estimating and production planning. with inbuilt master estimate logic, the process of selecting the most cost-effective route for any job through your plant is simple and results are always consistent. Radius ensures you always get the best quote without sacrificing accuracy and thoroughness. Furthermore, by analyzing differences associated with item modifications Radius allows you to create consistent quotes with enhanced precision. This smart estimating system removes common estimating bottlenecks and low levels of accuracy very common with spreadsheet calculations.

Purchasing & Inventory Management

The system’s purchasing capabilities provide visibility and automation to help you refine your procurement processes and secure the best pricing from your vendors. Real-time information is shared between the shop floor, scheduling, and other parts of the ERP system making inventory management more accurate and ensuring the correct materials are available when and where needed.

Job Costing

Radius®ERP job costing offers businesses a world of advantages. Consistent and accurate estimates lead to fewer reworked jobs and higher levels of on-time delivery. Furthermore, the rule based system minimizes job costing variance occurrences which in turn further limits the likelihood of errors. Finally, Radius®ERP enables organizations to standardize their costs and pricing according to business logic while also reducing admin workload and wastage. When it comes to calculating costs Radius®ERP offers unbeatable clarity and certainty.

Sales Order Management & Accounting

Sales order management is an essential component of running a business, but it can also tie up resources and add extra costs. To meet customer expectations, organizations must recognize the need to stay agile and dynamic. Fortunately, Radius ERP removes no value-add activities and optimizes its operating approach as well as driving faster turnaround times through “right time first time,” which can make notable improvements in both employee retention and client satisfaction. This is reinforced by reducing touchpoints along the way, leading to 15-20% reduction of lead time and increased quality levels overall — all without compromising the quality of customer service or increasing the workload for employees.

Scheduling & Plant Optimization

The packaging and label industry’s most powerful scheduling capabilities continually synchronize operations based on delivery priorities, job characteristics and restraints related to equipment, materials, tooling and employees. Automatically optimized schedules greatly increase throughput across your entire operation. Learn more about TGO and how Printflow® could optimize your plant.

Tooling Library & Tracking

The extensive tooling library allows you to associate tools to jobs and track usage over time so you know when tools need to be removed from use for maintenance or replacement. The integrated tooling library enhances the optimization of your estimating and production processes as important tooling information is easily accessed by other parts of the system.

Logistics & Transport Management

Process Shipper is the award-winning multi-carrier shipping management software designed to streamline and automate shipping processes. Process shipper integrates with leading shipping vendors to help optimize core costs associated with the transportation of finished goods. Check out Process Shipper to learn more.

Plant-Wide Productivity Dashboard

The Productivity workbench is a core strength of the Radius Packaging ERP solution. From streamlined screen navigation, intuitive hyperlinked shortcuts, and instant chat messaging, productivity workbench enables enhanced collaboration, communication, and productivity to all system users presenting valuable information from the central Radius database to all system users and decision-makers with a single click.

ERP software for packaging industry

Radius® is designed to provide innovative, intuitive, and customizable solutions to help you effectively manage and run your packaging business. With a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use tools, our most advanced Packaging ERP solution makes it simple to set up and configure the exact functionality you need for your business. Plus, its powerful integration capabilities allow you to easily connect to other systems and share data across the enterprise. 

Packaging industry leaders producing product labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging, plastic extrusion and other printed materials rely on the Radius to facilitate the collection and integration of company-wide information to enable more profitable and effective business management.

Automating processes in Flexible Packaging with Radius®ERP

Radius®ERP provides a wide range of purpose-built technology for the flexible packaging industry. It enables businesses to automate their processes and increase their profitability. Our enterprise solution considers nuances such as coating specifications, multi-layered extrusion for cast or blown film extrusion packaging. With our enhanced enterprise visibility, you will be able to understand how every part of your business fits together, giving you a comprehensive view of your operations.  

Streamline Your Label Production with Radius®ERP System

Radius®ERP streamlines the production process with purpose-built, end-to-end workflow software for the tag and label industry. Our system enables enterprise-wide efficiency and visibility, allowing you to keep pace with rising consumer demands and empower your workforce. With this software, you can easily manage all aspects of your operation, from order entry to shipping and make sure your team is always up-to-date on the job progress, allowing them to better serve your customers and meet their needs. 

Radius is an industry purposed built ERP software for packaging industry

Who is Radius Designed For?

Flexible Packaging Converters
Tag & Label Converters
Folding Carton Converters
Film Extruders
Digital & Offset Printing

Integration Partners

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