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Escada Automatic Corrugator Warp Control

Elevate quality, efficiency, and trust

Navigating the challenges inherent in corrugated board manufacturing, the issue of board warp looms large for several critical reasons...

Escada Automatic Corrugator warp control

1. Quality

Its impact on the quality of board is undeniable. Warped boards disrupt stacking and alignment, compromising the conversion process and printing quality and heightening material waste.

2. Efficiency

Board warp becomes a significant impediment in an industry where production efficiency is synonymous with profitability. The slowdown it introduces at stages in the production and converting process can lead to increased equipment breakdowns, downtime, reduced conversion output, and elevated operational costs.

3. Trust

The ripple effect extends to customer satisfaction, a manufacturer's cornerstone. Should board warp translate to damaged or subpar packaging, the repercussions can be detrimental, adversely affecting customer satisfaction and tarnishing the manufacturer's reputation.

Addressing the challenge of board warp is pivotal for sustaining quality, efficiency, and customer trust in corrugated board manufacturing.


“Even in a matter of months, we have without doubt seen improvements throughout the corrugating process, noticed an increase in board quality and reduced warp, which should allow us to calculate a true ROI.”

Shane Hooper,
Corrugator Waste Controller, DS Smith, UK

Introducing the Automatic Corrugator Warp Control system from ePS Escada.

ePS Escada's state-of-the-art Automatic Corrugator Warp Control utilizes advanced technology to actively identify cardboard warp in real-time. It employs a closed-loop system to dynamically respond to detected warp, preserving product quality and manufacturing efficiency. The system communicates warp levels and corrections to machine operators through an intuitive display.

Escada Automatic Corrugator warp control (Warp)

The Automatic Corrugator Warp Control System scans and identifies warp at the dry end, making real-time adjustments to process parameters at the wet end to rectify the shape of the produced board.

Simultaneously, the system measures and maintains paper temperatures across the corrugator, employing advanced control methods to prevent overheating and maintain optimal heat application levels. It also addresses paper moisture content, a crucial factor in determining the final board shape, by minimizing paper shrinkage and preserving the delicate balance between outer liner expansion and warp.

Escada Automatic Corrugator warp control (No Warp)

After the process parameter adjustments, the board's profile becomes flat, ensuring it is in optimal condition for the subsequent conversion stage. This facilitates the seamless application of processes such as printing, die-cutting, folding, gluing, and more.

Let us help you do more with less!

At ePS Escada, we understand the importance of maximizing efficiency and maintaining process control in the corrugated industry. Discover the perfect solution to revolutionize your corrugated production and unlock untapped potential for your business.

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Reduce Waste

The system significantly decreases warp and delamination issues and ensures waste reduction of typically 0.5%, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Enhance Conversion Throughput

With reduced warp and delamination, the system enables smoother conversion processes, improving throughput and minimizing disruptions.

Minimize Returns

By guaranteeing the highest quality and durability standards, you can reduce customer returns significantly.


Find out how Escada Automatic Corrugator Warp Control can benefit your business

At ePS Escada, we understand the importance of maximizing efficiency and maintaining process control in the corrugated industry. To register your interest in Escada’s Automatic Corrugator Warp Control, please get in touch with us.