Corrugated Plant Scheduling & Production Control Solution

Our corrugated converting and corrugator scheduling solutions improve overall plant efficiency by seamlessly delivering shop-floor information directly to the scheduling engine, allowing the scheduler to develop an optimized and balanced production plan.

The corrugated industry is the pioneer of sustainable packaging solutions and at eProductivity Software, we have developed a broad range of automated plant scheduling solutions that help corrugated sheet and box plants manage all aspects of the converting process. Key features include:

  • Automated real-time machine data collection
  • Integrated order promising with CorrPlan® – never disappoint your customers again
  • Highly configurable scheduling engine with automated machine load balancing
  • ‘What if’ scenario planning that enables load balanced schedules planning

Corrugator Scheduling with CorrPlan®

Our CorrPlan plant and corrugator scheduling solution give schedulers the capability to determine the most efficient and profitable manufacturing schedule. Using pre-set user-defined rules, backed by a powerful planning algorithm to fully optimize manufacturing throughput, CorrPlan delivers end-to-end efficiency improvements across all work centers in the plant. 

Available as part of the Corrugated Packaging Suite, or as a standalone module that can integrate with alternate ERP systems. CorrPlan offers extensive functionality that enables you to improve planning, adapt to fluctuating customer demand, and collaborate internally across all your manufacturing operations – all at a low total cost of ownership. 

CorrPlan determines the most efficient and profitable manufacturing schedule possible, based on user-selected rules, tailored to your unique business processes and needs. 

Corrugated Sheet & Box Plants

Corrugated Sheet and Box Plants using CorrPlan can optimise work center utilisation by up to 10%, improving order turnaround times and customer satisfaction. 

CorrPlan effectively removes the guesswork and reliance on individual employees and gives users full visibility of work center utilisation with intelligent rule-based processes for schedule optimisation helping reduce job turnaround times.  

Users become empowered decision-makers and can review the schedule, evaluate “what if?” scenarios and proposed schedule changes, and assess the overall impact on plant production prior to making commitments. CorrPlan’s intelligent alternate routing eliminates production bottlenecks, reduces Work-In-Progress (WIP), and downtime, and maximises individual machine productivity. 

CorrPlan and CorrTrim in use at The Royal Group for Corrugator Scheduling.
Converter scheduling made simple with CorrPlan and CorrTrim.

Order Promising

Customer Service Reps (CSRs) can make use of CorrPlan’s Order Promising module to provide accurate delivery dates which can be communicated back to the customer. CSRs need only enter a product spec ID and quantity and CorrPlan will analyze the plant’s available capacity based on the current bookings and master schedule. 

CorrPlan customers have reported improved turnaround times and increased win rates and customer trust with >98% On Time Delivery (OTD). 

eProductivity Software CorrPlan

Our CorrPlan plant scheduling solution gives schedulers the capability to determine the most efficient and profitable manufacturing schedule. Using pre-set user defined rules, backed by a powerful planning algorithm to fully optimize manufacturing throughput, CorrPlan delivers end to end efficiency improvements across all work centers in the plant.

Auto-Count 4D

Auto-Count® 4D (AC4D) is the next generation machine data collection platform that has been purpose built for the corrugated industry. AC4D equips machine operators with accurate run-order counts, machine status, speed and other business critical information directly from the machine to the palm of your hand with a powerful web-based reporting dashboard.

PC -Topp

Our PC-Topp converting and corrugator scheduling all in one platform provides an easy to use, user friendly platform to handle most types of sheet and box plant configurations. Using user defined rules and capabilities, PC-Topp can assist with optimizing manufacturing throughput and delivering efficiency improvements across all work centers in the plant.

Learn More About Converting Efficiency Solutions

There are many satisfied customers who have had their converting operations transformed by our converting software solutions. Check out these videos below and see for yourself or if you are ready for a conversation ‘Contact our Team’.

Integration Partners

The eProductivity Software Corrugated Packaging suite, along with our eFlow middleware enterprise service bus offers open connectivity to many leading systems. With a library of drivers, we also offer direct connectivity (DMI) to machinery and hardware providers, helping to deliver a complete end-to-end solution for your business. For a detailed list of options or to learn more about how eProductivity Software solutions can work for your business contact our team and schedule a free consultation.

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