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Terinex Flexibles

ePS helps keep Terinex Flexibles, well... flexible!

About the company

Terinex is a leading supplier of printed flexible packaging films and solutions.

From their factory in the heart of the UK, in Derbyshire, whey design and print flexible packaging for leading food brands as well as non-food packaging for the pet food and medical industries.

Terinex use the latest technologies and flexible packaging films for conversion into bags, pouches and sustainable food packaging with value added features. These include bold designs, vibrant flexographic print finishes, perforation, lamination and resealable packaging to make their customer's brand stand out on the shelf and protect the quality of their packaged goods.

In addition, they are experts in printing and supplying flexible films that have exceptional barrier properties to maintain the optimum moisture and oxygen content of products – keeping them fresh and improving their shelf-life.


“Thanks to the introduction of ePS Radius, we now have an ERP software platform that is easy to access and gives us up-to-date production and management information at our fingertips. It has streamlined our estimating, production and reporting processes allowing us to continue to grow as a business and deliver even higher levels of service to our customers.”

Sally Hewka
Terinex Flexibles Site Director

The challenge

Changing levels of complexity and a growing business meant that Terinex Flexibles' original process system for managing the multistage production process had become outdated. 

Key benefits
diagram-venn Efficient and highly accurate estimation tools
chart-line-up Effective inventory and waste management
timer Built-in traceability functionality – from raw materials to the finished product

Information is everything when it comes to making important decisions

Thanks to the installation of ePS Radius®ERP, Terinex Flexibles - one of the UK’s leading flexible packaging companies – can respond even more quickly to changing production requirements.

Terinex Flexibles has built its business on providing printed flexible packaging films and other solutions that deliver high quality, exceptional customer service, and great technical expertise. From food and non-food packaging to pet foods and medical packaging solutions, Terinex Flexibles is familiar with developing innovative ways to ensure its customer’s brands stand out.

However, changing levels of complexity and a growing business meant that the original process system for managing the multistage production process had become outdated. This was primarily due to the system’s inability to provide quotes or production and management information when working remotely, creating roadblocks to information flow.

Growing business demands managed with ePS Radius

With a need to access up-to-date information on every job, no matter the time of day or night, ePS suggested the trial of ePS Radius at the company’s Ripley site in Derbyshire. The results proved so successful that this led to the full rollout of the solution throughout Terinex Flexibles and the installation of ePS AutoCount4D, a highly advanced shop floor data collection system, and business intelligence target monitoring and reporting software.

One of the attractions of the ePS solution for Terinex Flexibles was that it provided a highly advanced and comprehensive ERP solution specifically designed to meet the needs of packaging manufacturers. Unlike other leading generic ERP solutions, with its end-to-end packaging management functionality and out-of-the-box, plug-and-play design, Radius is a cost-effective and highly efficient solution for businesses in the packaging industry with no need for costly upgrades.


“The system we have installed at Terinex Flexibles provides them with highly accurate estimation, production planning, inventory management, and supply chain coordination. And with the addition of our AutoCount4D and Business Intelligence solutions, they can also monitor the production process in real-time and have high levels of cross-departmental visibility.”

Robert Petyt
Sales Manager, ePS

Packaging Suite

The Packaging Suite from eProductivity Software (ePS) is a comprehensive and purpose-built solution for all sectors of the packaging industry, including folding carton, tag and label, flexible packaging, and more. It offers tools for cost estimation, scheduling, real-time shop floor data, and eCommerce--all aimed at optimizing operations and enhancing efficiency.

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Real-time benefits

The end result is a process software solution that enables Terinex Flexibles to have extremely high levels of production visibility and reporting capabilities that suit the company’s growing requirements.

  • Efficient and highly accurate estimation tools

  • Effective inventory and waste management

  • Built-in traceability functionality – from raw materials to the finished product

  • High levels of production visibility and instantaneous reporting

  • Enhanced sustainability and compliance capabilities

  • Along with access to a library of packaging industry standards for faster deployment and traceability


The successful installation of ePS Radius at Terinex Flexibles underscores the transformative power of modern software solutions in streamlining business operations and enhancing decision-making processes. The system has improved efficiency and ensured that Terinex Flexibles remains competitive in a fast-paced industry. The company now enjoys unprecedented production visibility, accurate estimation tools, and effective inventory management - all critical to its success.