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eProductivity Software Escada Corrugated Solutions offers flexible and modular tools that run your corrugator at the fastest speeds possible, while increasing quality which enables customers to:

  • Increase corrugator capacity and sell more high-quality output by leveraging innovative technology like Intelligent Speed Control and Profile
  • Reduce product returns and process waste through intelligent closed-loop warp-control systems
  • Improved production consistency and repeatability by leveraging powerful Business Intelligence (BI) tools with ‘smart’ recipe management

Closed Loop Corrugator Control & Trimming Corrugated Solutions

Improve Corrugator Productivity

Escada has a long-standing heritage in the corrugated industry for it’s innovative approach to closed loop control system design. From wet and dry end systems with integrated warp control, through to business intelligence, recipe management and ‘intelligent speed control’, our solutions have increased profit for many leading companies in the industry. Escada’s innovative product portfolio and corrugated solutions offers plant-wide solutions, perfectly placed to maximize the potential of your operation.

Corrugated Solutions with Escada

Our systems are designed in a modular fashion and will interface with any other machines or control systems. This offers unrivalled flexibility and adaptability to your specific circumstances. Many Escada customers have seen significant improvements in corrugator throughput, board quality and cost of manufacture with significant reductions in process waste, set up time, and down time of the corrugator.

eProductivity CorrTrim ™ and CorrLink ™ are complementary additions to our portfolio of focused solutions for improving corrugator efficiency. CorrTrim corrugator scheduling software helps optimize side trim and web width to ensure optimum utilization of paper on the corrugator and is enriched by CorrLink that gives real time visibility of corrugator line up to the shop floor.

Corrugated Board Quality Control

As a corrugated packaging business, we know that producing repeatable high-quality board is of the utmost importance to reduce returns and ensure customer satisfaction while reducing production costs and waste. Escada corrugator control systems support your business in achieving this goal. We have proven success with a global install base including the world’s largest corrugated businesses globally. 

Syncro 7: Wet & Dry End Control Systems

Syncro® 7 is a single-point corrugator control system, born through years of development in dry-end and wet-end control. It covers every phase of corrugator application, from the roll stands through to the take-off conveyors. Syncro 7 ensures harmonious operation through flexible interfaces to any mixture of machines, delivering maximum performance every time.

Profile: Warp Control System

Profile® is our process control system which has revolutionized corrugator performance. Profile can operate as a ‘recipe’ based system or be used with our unique ‘closed-loop’ option utilizing the Escada Laser Bar. Profile offers a huge reduction in waste and energy consumption, which, combined with increased run speeds, means your productivity and profit can greatly increase.

CorrTrim: Corrugator Scheduling

CorrTrim® is a complementary addition to our portfolio of focused solutions for improving corrugator efficiency. CorrTrim corrugator scheduling software allows schedulers to trim all flutes and grades in an order pool at the same time which helps reduce side trim, maximize web width and reduce unnecessary costs. CorrTrim empowers schedulers to produce more efficient and flexible schedules in much less time maintaining maximum corrugator uptime.

CorrLink: Real-Time Production Data

CorrLink® uses a bidirectional communications driver to link to your corrugator, and provides real-time corrugator lineup, production, and order status information. CorrLink transmits lineup information directly to the corrugator and provides operators and production supervisors with configurable views of the corrugator lineup.

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Our system process audit is an additional service we offer to our customers and features a comprehensive review of machine and system settings, working practices and processes, conducted by a team of independent experts who have many years of experience in the industry working on all types of corrugated machinery. We also offer our customers free access to ongoing training and maintenance videos via our Escada ‘Knowledge Centre’ ensuring our solutions continue to provide you with optimum ROI.

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