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Effective steam consumption in corrugated manufacturing

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The use of steam is a critical aspect of corrugated manufacturing.

Steam is used in several process-critical components of the corrugator, including preheating and pre-conditioning paper, heating the corrugating rollers, and drying the board.

The process of using steam energy in corrugated manufacturing begins with the generation of steam through a boiler. This high-pressure steam gives us the heat we need at the machine to allow the process to work effectively. The higher the pressure, the greater the temperature.


Using steam energy in corrugated manufacturing is a testament to the ingenuity of the packaging industry. By utilizing this clean and efficient energy source, manufacturers can produce high-quality, durable corrugated board while reducing their carbon footprint.

The corrugated challenge with energy

The corrugated manufacturing industry faces the pressing challenge of reducing energy consumption for their businesses and the planet. As energy costs rise and environmental concerns intensify, manufacturers must strive to adopt sustainable practices to minimize their carbon footprint. This imperative is reinforced by stringent waste and energy consumption regulations that aim to curb greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change effects. As a result, the industry is under increasing pressure to adopt eco-friendly and energy-efficient technologies throughout their production processes.

In response to these demands and the global call for environmental stewardship, many blue-chip companies within the corrugated manufacturing sector proactively implement ambitious policies to target significant emission reductions. By embracing renewable energy sources, optimizing production efficiency, and investing in innovative technologies, these industry leaders set an example for others to pursue a greener, more sustainable future.

How Escada can optimize steam consumption to reduce energy costs

The Escada team at eProductivity Software (ePS) has more than 35 years of experience in corrugator control technology. As corrugated businesses have adopted lean initiatives and moved towards a digitized Industry 4.0 operation, they look to Escada to provide software and hardware solutions to improve processes continuously.

Escada offers a more intelligent way to regulate the amount of steam used while ensuring the process maintains the correct quality. Escada right-sizes the energy required for any grade.

As recycled papers are used more frequently, regulating temperatures in the process is critical, employing more than the traditional use of wrap arm positions and temperature sensor feedback.

As performance packaging requirements grow and the demands for a reduced carbon footprint drive our decision-making, we have innovated to assist our customers in reducing their wasted steam energy as a starting point. This is just the start of our journey toward driving a more economical solution for our customers, and we are forward-thinking in how we can evolve our offering to meet the demands of today.

What is Escada Energy?

ePS Escada Energy is an intelligent steam control module that optimizes steam efficiency and reduces energy consumption and costs. One of the key features of Escada Energy is its steam calendar, which allows for automatic “steam up” and “steam down” according to a defined schedule. This ensures that the machine always operates at its most efficient level while reducing energy waste. Additionally, Escada Energy automatically steams downs when the corrugator is stopped for a defined period, further reducing energy consumption and taking the manual risk away from the team so they can focus on running the machine.

Escada Energy is highly customizable, allowing you to control steam by flute or location, and can be set to run automatically or manually. This level of control is further enhanced by its integration with Syncro® 7 and Next Gen Clarity, providing a streamlined and efficient user experience.

Continuous improvement

The Escada R&D team is in the development phase of the next exciting advancement in further reducing energy usage by introducing a monitoring system that tracks and reports the use of steam, water, and energy. This data-driven approach provides valuable insights into energy consumption, allowing you to measure and track your progress in reducing energy usage over time.

Future planned developments include advanced control of steam pressures in preheaters, utilizing preheater wrap rather than steam pressure where possible, and automatically recognizing situations where more heat application doesn’t necessarily mean more temperature within the paper. This will have a positive impact on quality and waste and a further effect on energy consumption.

This combination of automation and data-driven insights presents a powerful opportunity for your business to achieve significant energy savings and contribute to a more sustainable future, making Escada Energy one way we help you continuously improve your lean industry 4.0 initiatives.